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Jenga® XXL with Printed Logo Decal

Jenga| XXL-(c)

Jenga Orange



1 - 479.00c
5 - 459.00c
10 - 439.00c
25 - 429.00c
50 - 419.00c
(Set-Up - 55.00g)


Anticipation builds to a crashing climax! "Edge-Of-Your-Seat Fun!®" in an unpredictable, gigantically exciting way!  A whole new perspective on... How high can you go?  The suspense builds as the tower gets taller! Visually stunning! Push'em Pull'em Stack 'em Don't let'em crash!

That's How You Jenga!™

  • Contains 50 Double Laminated Corrugated Cardboard Jenga XXL® Blocks (48 to play the game; 2 replacements)

  • Each Block is 18" x 6" x 3"

  • Starts at Four Feet High!  Can Reach Over Eight Feet High!

  • Players: 1 or More

  • Ages: 12 to Adult

  • EASY to Assemble! EASY to Put Back in the Box for Storage and Transport!

  • WARNING:  Do not step on the blocks.  They are made from cardboard, and will crush.  For long-term use, care must be taken.

  • Great for outdoor play when it is not windy or wet.  Keep dry and store inside.

  • Game in box:  Weight 32.5 lbs.  Size 27.5" x 11.75" x 9.375"

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